Le Rocher, Pignon


Clairin Le Rocher - Le Rocher, Pignon (ht55)
Clairin Le Rocher

Clairin Le Rocher (ht55)

78 x 123 mm (3.1" x 4.9")
Clairin Le Rocher - Le Rocher, Pignon (ht_20)
Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(

Clairin Le Rocher (ht_20)

Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(
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Clairin Communal - Le Rocher, Pignon (ht54)
Clairin Communal

Clairin Communal (ht54)

77 x 125 mm (3" x 4.9")


Le Rocher distillery near Pignon is operated by Romulus Bethel. Produced from syrup, not from pure juice, and produced by adding approximately 30% of dunder from previous batches during the distillation process. The syrup is slowly boiled in order to preserve all the aromas of the rum while retaining the character of the three varieties of cane. Le Rocher is an artisanal single pot still rum, bottled 'still proof' without any dilution - as per the Clairin protocol.

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ht55: Clairin Le Rocher; Rum; Vilage: Pignon; Harvest: 2017; Fermentation: Sugar cane syrup, native yeasts; Distillation: Discontinued in PotStill; Master Blender: Bethel Romelus; Pot Still Proof; Produced by distillery Le Rocher, Pignon, Haiti; 47.2% alc/vol; 750 ml; 3700597351291

ht_20: Clairin Le Rocher; Rhum sirop de cane; Vilage: Pignon; Récolte: 2017; Fermentation: Sirop de cane, levures sauvages; Distillation: Discontinue en Pot Still; Distillateeur: Bethel Romelus; Pot Still Proof; Produit totalement naturel; Distillerie Le Rocher, Pignon, Haiti; 46.5% alc/vol; 700 ml cl e

ht54: Le Commune de Barraderes; Le Commune de Cavailon; Clairin Communal; Blend des Quatres Communes; L'union fait la force; Le Commune de Pignon; Le Commune de Saint Michel; 43% vol; 70 cl e; 3700597303870

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