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Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd.


I exhibit 3 of the 4 labels of my collection. Other labels differ only in details. Undisplayed labels are variations with minor differences.

Rum labels

Edvin Charley's Royal Reserve Jamaica Rum -  Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd. (jm_29)
Edvin Charley's Royal Reserve Jamaica Rum

Edvin Charley´s Royal Reserve Jamaica Rum

Charley's Red Label -  Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd. (jm_30)
Charley's Red Label

Charley´s Red Label

Charley's Old Jamaica Rum -  Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd. (jm_31)
Charley's Old Jamaica Rum

Charley´s Old Jamaica Rum

Charley's Black Seal -  Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd. (jm150)
Charley's Black Seal

Charley´s Black Seal

75 x 105 mm (3" x 4.1")
Edvin Charley's White Label -  Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd. (jm54)
Edvin Charley's White Label

Edvin Charley´s White Label

85 x 128 mm (3.4" x 5")
Edvin Charley's White Overproof -  Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd. (jm103)
Edvin Charley's White Overproof

Edvin Charley´s White Overproof

84 x 128 mm (3.3" x 5")


Company was established in 1892.

[Source: The label]

The company is part of Wray & Nephew Group Limited.

[Source: The Jamaica Stock Exchange, cited 2000]

Someone who had come to the island from British Columbia, Edwin Charley, and found the heavy, strong Jamaica Rum not at all to his liking, decided in 1892 to make his own lighter blend. First introduced in Charley's Punchbowl, an elegant drinking lounge in King Street in the centre of Kingston, 'Charley's White Label' Jamaica Rum soon became highly popular. To secure production Charley built Innswood estate, just outside Spanish Town. In 1983 the Edwin Charley Trust remains a shareholder in that distillery company.

Edwin Charley had continued to make his 'White Label' brand right up to 1920 when ill-health forced him to sell out. In 1937 the firm was acquired by Fred L Myers & Sons and 'Charley's White Label' went off the market Edwin Charley himself died in 1940. His brand made a comeback in 1955 when Myers were bought by Seagram, and for years it was the island's largest selling coloured rum.

62 & 64 King Street, Kingston

Here are full texts from the labels

jm_29: Edvin Charley's Royal Reserve Jamaica Rum; Edwin Charley; Imported by '21' Brands Inc, USA

jm_30: Charley's Red Label; Jamaica Rum; Edwin Charley Rum Distillery

jm_31: Charley's Old Jamaica Rum; Bottled in Jamaica; Edwin Charley Rum Distillery

jm150: Charley's Black Seal; Jamaica Old Rum; Made by Edwin Charley (Founded 1892), Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I.

jm54: Edvin Charley's White Label; 43% alc/vol; 750 ml; Jamaica Rum; Distilled and matured in Jamaica under government supervision; Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd., Kinston, Jamaica, W.I.; Fine rums since 1892

jm103: Edvin Charley's White Overproof Rum; Fine Rums Since 1892; 26 2/3 Imp. Oz., 750 ml; Distilled and bottled in Jamaica under Government Supervision; Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd., Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies

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