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Ron Castillo Cohiba Añejo -  Casa Cuervo (mx_38)
Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(

Ron Castillo Cohiba Añejo (mx_38)

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In 1758, Jose Antonio Cuervo founded a distillery in the village of Tequila, near Guadalajara, and 37 years later, his son Jose Guadalupe was granted the first license by the King of Spain to produce what was called at the time "wine of the earth."

The La Rojena distillery, the oldest such commercial facility in the western hemisphere, has been continuously producing tequila since then. Throughout its history and right up to today, the elegant, hacienda-like La Rojena and the Jose Cuervo company have remained securely in the hands of the descendants of the original Cuervo family.

Though its Cuervo Gold is its most well-known product and associated with the old tequila-salt-lime routine, the distillery also produces fine sipping tequilas: from Gran Centenario Reposado (first made in 1857 to celebrate Casa Cuervo's 100th anniversary) to Reserva Antigua 1800 (a major export) to Agavero (a tequila liqueur) to its top of the line Reserva de la Familia (as smooth as cognac).

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mx_38: Importado Ron Castillo Cohiba Añejo; 38% Alc. Vol; Cont. Net. 1 L

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