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Destileria Caray, Juncos

Rum Caray Platinium
Rum Caray Platinium
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Rum Caray Reswerva del Artesano
Rum Caray Reswerva del Artesano
Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(

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In 1915 the Spanish émigré Don Lope Hormazabal Tejera built a Rum Distillery near the sugar cane fields in the lush valley below the El Yunque peak and the famed Rainforest of Puerto Rico.

Don Lope brought from a sugar mill in Juncos the cane molasses form wich he destilled and produced a Rum whose brand name CARAY, as the story goes, came about when one of his friends asked: " that's it, we will name it CARAY," translated to 'heck' in English.

The brand prospered before and after prohibition and until 1942, when doe to the ongoing World War II the U.S. Government diverted molasses to other purposes and the Distillery had to shut down.

Today the third generation of the family, under the leadership of Luis Mantero Hormazabal, has successfully resumed the production of this unique quality rum, right next to the original brick chimney and distillery boiler still existing, in two types: the Reserva del Artesano, an extraordinary sippin' golden rum; and the Platinum, an extra Light and Dry rum for cocktails mixing. Enjoy them in moderation for a unique experience.

[Die Quelle: Facebook, cit. 2014]

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pr_76: Rum Caray Platinium; Puerto Rican Rum; Est. 1915

pr_75: Rum Caray Reserva del Artesano; Puerto Rican Rum; Est. 1915

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