Puerto Rico

Nachfolgend sind die Firmen, von welchen ich Rumetiketten in meiner Sammlung habe.
Cía. Ron Alambique, Toja Baja (1)
Compania Antillana De Ron (3)
Jose Arechabala, S.A. (1)
Licoreria Arecibo (1)
Bacardi Corp., Catano (67)
Barcelo Marques & Co (6)
Licoreria La Bodega / Monllor & Boscio, Ponce (2)
Brugal & Co (1)
Bugalu LTD (1)
Licoreria Busigo, Sabana Grande (1)
Caliche Rum, Ponce (1)
Destileria Caray, Juncos (2)
Caribe Distillers, Arecibo (1)
Compñnia Ron Carioca, San Juan (4)
Ron de Castillo y Cia (13)
Catano Industries, Catano (1)
L. Chardon, Ponce (1)
Jose Gonzalez Clemente & Co, Mayaguez (4)
Destilería Cruz, Jayuya, PR (8)
Edmundo B. Fernandez, Inc (4)
Freyre & Rovira (1)
Destileria Ron Granado (3)
Guild Distilling Company, San Juan (2)
Compania Ron Llave (5)
Licoreria Marin & Co, Mayaguez (3)
Compania Ron Merito (2)
Captain Morgan Rum Co. (10)
Fred L. Myers & Son Co (2)
National Liquor Co. Inc, Hato Rey (7)
J.R. Nieves & Cia, Arroyo (1)
Destileria del Norte, San Juan (2)
Potrero Distillers (0)
Puerto Rican American Liquor Co. Inc. (3)
Puerto Rico Distilling, Arecibo (7)
Punta Salinas Distilling Company, San Juan (1)
Distilleries V.M. Ramirez (3)
Compania Ron Romaguera, Ponce (0)
Ron Granado (1)
Ron Oro Nativo, Mayagüez (0)
Ronrico Rum Company, Arecibo (23)
Licoreria Roses, Inc., Arecibo (1)
Destileria Serralles, Ponce (36)
I. Torruella & Co, Ponce (1)
Trigo Corp., Toja Baja (2)
Destilleria Tropical (1)

Luckily Puerto Rico was home to one of great figures in rum making, Rafael Arroyo, who in 1936 had embarked on the first serious scientific study of rum production. Arroyo’s investigations were interrupted during World War II, but afterward his studies became more relevant than ever and are still regarded as essential reading for rum distillers. In 1953, the Planta Piloto de Ron (Rum Pilot Plant) was founded, its brief to investigate every aspect of rum-making and pass on the information, free, to any distiller who wanted to use it – whether based in Puerto Rico or not. The result: the creation of the lighter-bodied style of rum that still dominates the world. Today, Puerto Rico produces 35 million proof gallons of rum a year, the bulk of which is exported to America.

[Die Quelle: Dave Broom, Jason Lowe: Rum, 2003, p. 77]

More than 80% of rum consumed in the US is produced in Puerto Rico.

[Die Quelle: Colonial Wines & Spirits, zitiert 2004]

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