Here is list of companies whose rum bottle labels I have in my collection

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- A -

Aberdeen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Abingdon, Hanover (0)
Ackendown, Westmoreland (0)
Acton Estate, Trelawny (0)
Adelphi Estate (previously Stretch and Sell), St. James (0)
Aeolus Valley Estate, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Agualta Vale Estate, St. Mary (0)
Airy Castle, St. Thomas (0)
Albany Estate, St. Mary (0)
Albany Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Albion, St. Mary (0)
Albion, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Aleppo Estate, St. Mary (0)
Alexandria, Hanover (0)
Robert Allen, Wolverhampton (1)
Amity Hall (2), St. Thomas (0)
Amity Hall, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Amity Hall, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Amity Hall, St. James (0)
Anchovy Valley, Portland (0)
Anchovy [Bottom] Estate, St. James (0)
James Andrew & Co, Kingston (1)
Angel's Pen, St. Catherine (0)
Appleton Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Arcadia, Trelawny (0)
Ardoch, St. Ann (0)
Argyle Estate, Hanover (0)
Arthur's Seat, Clarendon (0)
Ashley Estate, Clarendon (0)
Ashley Hall, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Aylmers Estate, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)

- B -

Bachelor's Hall Pen, St. Thomas (0)
Bachelor's Hall, Hanover (0)
Back River, Portland (0)
Bagdale Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Bagnal Spring Estate, St. Mary (0)
Ballard's River, Clarendon (0)
Ballard's Valley Estate, St. Mary (0)
Balnageith, Westmoreland (0)
Bamboo Sugar Estate, Hanover (0)
Banbury / Clearmount, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Banks, St. Ann (0)
Barbadoes Valley (0)
Barbican Sugar  Estate, Hanover (0)
Barbican, St. Andrew (0)
Barking Lodge, St. Thomas (0)
Barnstable Estate, Trelawny (0)
Barton Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Barton Isles, St. Elizabeth (0)
Bath, Westmoreland (0)
Baulk, Hanover (0)
Baulk, Westmoreland (0)
Bay Macary, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Don The Beachcomber (1)
Bean's Estate, Hanover (0)
Beckford's Rock River, Clarendon (0)
Beeston Spring, Westmoreland (0)
Belford, St. Thomas (0)
Belgar, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Bellefield Estate, St. James (0)
Belleisle, Westmoreland (0)
Bellfield Estate (3), St. James (0)
Bellfield Estate, St. Mary (0)
Belmont Estate, Trelawny (0)
Belmont, Clarendon (0)
Belmont, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Belvidere (1), Hanover (0)
Belvidere Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Benfield, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Berkshire Hall, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Berkshire, Trelawny (0)
Berry Hill, St. Mary (0)
Berrydale, St. Ann (0)
Berwick Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Betty's Hope, St. Thomas (0)
Biddeford Estate, Trelawny (0)
Biscany Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Black Garden, Trelawny (0)
Blackheath Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Blackmorass, Westmoreland (0)
Blackness Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Blenheim Estate, Hanover (0)
Blenheim, St. Ann (0)
Blue Castle Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Blue Hole Estate, St. James (0)
Blue Hole, Hanover (0)
Blue Mountain, Manchester (0)
Blue Mountain, St. Thomas (0)
Bluefields, Westmoreland (0)
Bodle's Pen, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Bog Estate, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Bog Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Bogg and Arthur's Seat, St. Ann (0)
Bogue Estate (Dawkins), St. Elizabeth (0)
Bogue Estate, St. James (0)
Bonded Warehouses (2)
J. Booker Rum Merchants Ltd (2)
Boscabelle Pen, St. Mary (0)
Bossue, Manchester (0)
Boston and Buckingham, St. Thomas (0)
Boston Estate, Portland (0)
Bounty Hall, Trelawny (0)
Bowden Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Bowen Hall, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Braco Estate, Trelawny (0)
Brampton Bryan Estate, Trelawny (0)
Braziletto, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Brimmer Hall Estate, St. Mary (0)
Brown's Hall Pen, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Brown's Town estate, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Bryan Castle Estate, Trelawny (0)
Bryan's Hill, Clarendon (0)
Bucknor's Hopewell Estate, Hanover (0)
Buff Bay River, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Bunkers Hill, Trelawny (0)
Geo. Eustace Burke & Bros. Ltd. (4)
Burlington Estate, Portland (0)
Burnt Savanna Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Burton's, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Bushy Park Estate, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Bushy Park, St. Catherine (0)
Butterfield Hall, Clarendon (0)
Bybrook, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Byndloss, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)

- C -

Cabbage Valley, St. Elizabeth (0)
Cacoon or Cocoon Castle Pen, Hanover (0)
Caen Wood  Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Caldwell or Caldwall Estate, Hanover (0)
Caledonia (2), Westmoreland (0)
Camberwell, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Cambridge Estate, Trelawny (0)
Cambridge Pen, St. Thomas (0)
Camp Savanna, Westmoreland (0)
Campbelton Estate, Hanover (0)
L.-F. Campredon (1)
Canaan Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Canoe Valley, Manchester (0)
Cape Clear Pen, St. Mary (0)
Carawina, Westmoreland (0)
Cardiff Estate, St. Mary (0)
Cardiff Hall, St. Ann (0)
Cardiff, St. Thomas (0)
Carisbrook, St. Elizabeth (0)
Carlisle, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Carlton / Scarlett Hall, St. James (0)
Carlton Estate, St. Ann (0)
Carlton Woodhouse Estate, St. Mary (0)
Carrickfoyle Estate, Trelawny (0)
Casement, St. Elizabeth (0)
Castle Comfort Estate, Portland (0)
Castle Gordon, St. Mary (0)
Castle Hill, St. Thomas (0)
Castle Wemyss, St. James (0)
Caswell Hill, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Catherine Hall Estate, St. James (0)
Catherine Mount, St. James (0)
Cave Valley Estate, St. Ann (0)
Cave Valley Settlement, Hanover (0)
Cessnock Estate, Hanover (0)
Chancery Hall, St. Andrew (0)
Charlemont, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Edwin Charley (Jamaica) Ltd. (7)
Charlottenburg Estate, St. Mary (0)
Charlottenburg Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Chateau, Clarendon (0)
Chatham, St. James (0)
Cherry Garden Estate, St. Andrew (0)
Cherry Garden, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Cheshire Estate, Trelawny (0)
Chester Estate, Trelawny (0)
Chester, St. Ann (0)
Chesterfield Estate, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Chesterfield, Westmoreland (0)
Childermas Estate, St. James (0)
Chiswick, St. Thomas (0)
Cinnamon Hill, St. James (0)
Citron Valley, St. Thomas (0)
Clarendon Park, Clarendon (0)
Edwar Clark & Co. Ltd., Kingston (2)
Clayfield, Westmoreland (0)
Clearmount, St. Catherine (0)
Clermont Estate, Trelawny (0)
Clermont, Hanover (0)
Clifton Estate, Trelawny (0)
Clifton Hill, St. Thomas (0)
Clonmell Pen, St. Mary (0)
Cloverman & Co (1)
Cockpit, Clarendon (0)
Cocoa Walk and Ultimatum (Sun Vale?), St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Cocoa Walk, Clarendon (0)
Cocoa Walk, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Colbeck's Estate, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Colchis, Trelawny (0)
Cold Harbour Estate, Portland (0)
Coley, St. Thomas (0)
Colonel's Ridge, Clarendon (0)
Constant Spring, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Content (2), Hanover (0)
Content, St. James (0)
Coolshade Estate, St. Ann (0)
Copse Estate, Hanover (0)
Cornwall, St. James (0)
Cornwall, Westmoreland (0)
Cotes, Clarendon (0)
Cousin's Cove / Crooks's Cove, Hanover (0)
Cousin's Cove / Samuel's Cove, Hanover (0)
Cow Bay Pen, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Craig Mill, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Craigie, St. Elizabeth (0)
Cranbrook, St. Ann (0)
Crawle Estate, St. James (0)
Crawle Pen, St. Catherine (0)
Crawle River, Clarendon (0)
Crawle, Clarendon (0)
Crawle, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Creighton Hall, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Crescent Pen, St. Catherine (0)
Crescent, St. Mary (0)
Croft's, Clarendon (0)
Cromwell Estate, St. Mary (0)
Cumberland Valley, Westmoreland (0)

- D -

Dalintober, St. Elizabeth (0)
Dallas Castle, Kingston / St. Andrew (0)
Dalvey, St. Thomas (0)
Dank's Estate, Clarendon (0)
Danks-Savoy Estate, Clarendon (0)
Davis's Cove, Hanover (0)
Dawkins Caymanas, St. Catherine (0)
Dawkins Salt Pond Pen, St. Catherine (0)
Dean's Valley Dry Works, Westmoreland (0)
Dean's Valley Waterworks Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Delacree Pen, St. Andrew (0)
Delve, Westmoreland (0)
Denbigh, Clarendon (0)
Donnington Castle Estate and Pen, St. Mary (0)
Dornoch Pen, St. Ann (0)
Douces Ballards River, Clarendon (0)
Dove Hall Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Dover Castle Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Dover Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Dows Estate, (parish unknown) (0)
Drax Hall Estate, St. Ann (0)
Dromilly Estate, Trelawny (0)
Dry Valley, Trelawny (0)
Duan Vale, Trelawny (0)
Duckenfield Hall, St. Thomas (0)
Dumfries Estate, St. James (0)
Dunbarton, St. Ann (0)
Dundee Castle, Trelawny (0)
Dundee Estate and Pen, Hanover (0)
Dunkley's Dry River, Clarendon (Vere) (0)

- E -

Eagle's Nest, St. Andrew (0)
East Prospect Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Easthams, St. James (0)
Eaton, Hanover (0)
Eden Estate, St. James (0)
Eden Estate, St. Mary (0)
Eden Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Edwards & Co, Kingston (2)
Egg Hill, Portland (0)
Eldersley, St. Elizabeth (0)
Elim Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Ellis Caymanas, St. Catherine (0)
Elmwood / Long Bay, St. Thomas (0)
Eltham and Bonham Spring, St. Ann (0)
Elysium, Portland (0)
Emmaus Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Enfield and White Hall, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Enfield Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Epping Estate, St. Mary (0)
Equity, St. James (0)
Esher Estate, Hanover (0)
Esher Estate, St. Mary (0)
Estate Industries Limited (1)
Etingdon, Trelawny (0)
Exeter, Clarendon (Vere) (0)

- F -

Fair Prospect, St. Thomas (0)
Fairfield Estate, St. James (0)
Fairy Hill, Portland (0)
Fairyland Pen, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Farm Pen, St. Catherine (0)
Fat Hog Quarter Estate, Hanover (0)
Fellowship Hall, St. Mary (0)
Daniel Finzi & Co. (Suc.) Ltd. (4)
Fish River Estate, Hanover (0)
Flamstead Estate, St. James (0)
Flamstead, Hanover (0)
Flat Point Estate, St. Ann (0)
Flint River Estate, Hanover (0)
Flint River Pen, St. Mary (0)
Florence Hall, Trelawny (0)
Flower Hill Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Flower Hill, St. James (0)
Fontabelle Estate, St. Mary (0)
Fontabelle Estate, Trelawny (0)
Fontabelle, Westmoreland (0)
Fonthill estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Fonthill, St. Ann (0)
Forbes's, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Forest Estate, Trelawny (0)
Forest Pen, Westmoreland (0)
Forest, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Fort George, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Fort Stewart Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Fort William, Westmoreland (0)
Frankfield, Clarendon (0)
Freeman's Hall Estate, Trelawny (0)
Friendship (1), Clarendon (0)
Friendship (1), Trelawny (0)
Friendship (2), Trelawny (0)
Friendship and Greenwich, Westmoreland (0)
Friendship Estate, St. Mary (0)
Friendship Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Friendship Pen, St. Thomas (0)
Friendship, (parish unknown) (0)
Friendship, Hanover (0)
Friendship, St. James (0)
Friendship, St. Thomas (0)
Frome, Westmoreland (0)
Frontier Estate, St. Mary (0)
Fuller's Rest, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Fullerswood Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)

- G -

Gabays, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Gale's Valley, Trelawny (0)
Garbrand Hall, St. Thomas (0)
Garden Hill, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Garradu (sp?) Estate, Trelawny (0)
Gayle Estate, St. Mary (0)
Geneva Estate, Westmoreland (0)
George's Plain Estate, Westmoreland (0)
George's Valley, Trelawny (0)
Georgia Estate, Hanover (0)
Georgia Estate, Trelawny (0)
Georgia, St. Thomas (0)
Georgia, St. Thomas (0)
Gibraltar Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Gibraltar, Trelawny (0)
Glasgow Estate, St. James (0)
Glasgow Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Glen Goff / Golf Mountain, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Glen Islay (including Grove), Westmoreland (0)
Golden Grove Estate, Hanover (0)
Golden Grove, St. Elizabeth (0)
Golden Grove, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Golden Grove, St. Thomas (0)
Golden Grove, Trelawny (0)
Golden Vale Estate, Portland (0)
Golden Valley Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Goodridge and Wood, Kingston (1)
Gordon Hall Pen, St. Ann (0)
Goshen and Longhill Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Goshen Pen and Port Henderson, St. Catherine (0)
Grampian, St. Thomas (0)
Grandvale Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Grange (2), Westmoreland (0)
Grange Estate, Trelawny (0)
Grange Hill, St. Thomas (0)
Grange Pen, St. Catherine (0)
Grange Sugar Estate, Hanover (0)
Gray's Inn Castle, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Great River, St. James (0)
Great Valley Sugar Estate, Hanover (0)
Green Castle, St. Mary (0)
Green Glebe, St. Andrew (0)
Green Island, Hanover (0)
Green Park, Trelawny (0)
Green Pond Estate, St. James (0)
Green River Estate, Hanover (0)
Green Vale Pen and Falmouth, Trelawny (0)
Greenfield (2), Trelawny (0)
Greenside Estate, Trelawny (0)
Greenwich Plantation, Hanover (0)
Greenwich, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Greenwood Estate, St. Mary (0)
Guanaboa, St. Catherine (0)
Guilsbro Estate, St. James (0)

- H -

Haddington Estate, Hanover (0)
Haddo Pen, Westmoreland (0)
Hague Estate, Trelawny (0)
Halifax Crawle Pen, St. Ann (0)
Halifax Estate, St. Mary (0)
Hall Head, St. Thomas (0)
Halse Hall, Clarendon (0)
Hampden Estate, St. James (0)
Hampden Sugar Estate, Trelawny (20)
Hampshire (1), Trelawny (0)
Hampshire, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Hampstead Plantation, St. Elizabeth (0)
Hampstead, Trelawny (0)
Hampton Court Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Hampton Estate, St. James (0)
Hanbury Pen, Clarendon (0)
Harbour Head, St. Thomas (0)
Harding Hall, Hanover (0)
Harker Hall Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Harmony Hall Estate, Trelawny (0)
Harmony Hall, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Harmony Settlement, St. Thomas (0)
Harrow, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Hart Hill Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Hartfield Estate, St. James (0)
Hartford Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Haughton Court Estate, Hanover (0)
Haughton Hall Estate, Hanover (0)
Haughton Tower Estate, Hanover (0)
Hay's Pen, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Hayfield, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Hazard Estate, St. Mary (0)
Hazelymph Estate, St. James (0)
Heart's Ease / George's Valley, Manchester (0)
Hector's River, St. Thomas (0)
Henry & Co, St. Elisabeth (1)
Hermitage Estate, Portland (0)
Hermon Hill, St. Mary (0)
Hertford, Westmoreland (0)
Heywood Hall Estate, St. Mary (0)
Hick's Hall, St. Thomas (0)
Highgate Settlement, St. Elizabeth (0)
Grange Hill Products Co., Kingston (9)
Hillside Estate, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Hillside-Raymonds Estate, Clarendon (0)
Hog River, Hanover (0)
Hoghole Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Holland Estate and 'Shaws', St. Elizabeth (0)
Holland Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Holland Estate, Trelawny (0)
Home Castle Estate, St. Ann (0)
Hope Estate, Portland (0)
Hope Estate, St. Andrew (0)
Hope Pen, Clarendon (0)
Hope River, St. Andrew (0)
Hope, Hanover (0)
Hopeton, Westmoreland (0)
Hopewell, Trelawny (0)
Hordley, St. Thomas (0)
Hyde Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Hyde Estate, Trelawny (0)
Hyde Hall, Trelawny (0)

- I -

Imperial Spirits Ltd, Kingston (2)
Industry Estate, St. James (0)
Industry Estate, St. Mary (0)
Industry, Hanover (0)
Inverness, Clarendon (0)
Ipswich, St. Elizabeth (0)
Ireland, St. Andrew (0)
Ironshore Estate, St. James (0)
Irving Tower, Trelawny (0)
Irwin Estate, St. James (0)
Island, St. Elizabeth (0)
Islington Estate, St. Mary (0)
Iter Boreale, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Ivy, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)

- J -

Jerusalem, Westmoreland (0)
Jocks Lodge, Trelawny (0)
Johns Hall / Ythanside, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Johns Hall, St. James (0)
Johnston Pen (1), Trelawny (0)
Jones's Moreland, Westmoreland (0)

- K -

Karbyl & Sons (1)
Kays, Clarendon (0)
Kellett's, Clarendon (0)
Kendal (1), Hanover (0)
Kent, Trelawny (0)
J. E. Kerr & Co. LTD. (0)
Kerr or Keir Settlement, Trelawny (0)
Kew Sugar Estate, Hanover (0)
Kildare Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
A. Kinckerbrocker (0)
King's Valley Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Kinloss Estate previously Spotfield, Trelawny (0)
Kirkpatrick Hall Estate, St. James (0)
Knapdale Estate, St. Ann (0)
Knight's Estate, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Knollis or Knowles, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Konigsberg Castle, St. Mary (0)
Kupuis, Clarendon (0)

- L -

Lacovia, St. Elizabeth (0)
Lambkin Hill Estate, St. Mary (0)
Lancaster, St. Elizabeth (0)
Lancaster, Trelawny (0)
Lancet Hall, St. Ann (0)
Langley Estate (including Boyne Park Pen, formerly Shoreditches), St. Mary (0)
Lansquinet Estate, Trelawny (0)
Lascellos Wines & Spirits (1)
Latium Estate, St. James (0)
Laughlands, St. Ann (0)
Lawes's / Gibbons, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
K.R.B. Lea & Co. (1)
Leicesterfields, Clarendon (0)
Leith Hall, St. Thomas (0)
Lemon Hall, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Lennox Castle, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Lennox, Westmoreland (0)
Leogan Estate, St. James (0)
Lethe Estate, St. James (0)
Lewisburgh Estate, St. Mary (0)
Leyden Estate, St. James (0)
Liberty Hill, St. Ann (0)
Lilliput, St. James (0)
Lima Estate, St. James (0)
Lime Hall, Clarendon (0)
Lincoln, Westmoreland (0)
Lindale, St. Ann (0)
Lindores, Westmoreland (0)
Litchfield, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Llandewey, Thistleborough and Retreat, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Llandovery Estate, St. Ann (0)
Lllanrumney Estate, St. Mary (0)
Lloyd's Estate, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Lloyds, Coldstream and Mountain Spring, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Lodge, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Long Pond Distillery, Trelawny (22)
Longville Park, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Longville, Clarendon (0)
Lottery Estate, Trelawny (0)
Low Ground, Clarendon (0)
Lower Works Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Lowlayton Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Luana Pen (1), St. Elizabeth (0)
Luana Sugar Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Lucea, Hanover (0)
Lucky Hill Estate, St. Mary (0)
Lucky Valley, Clarendon (0)
Ludlow Estate, Clarendon (0)
Luidas, (parish unknown) (0)
Luidas, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Lyssons Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Lysworney, Trelawny (0)

- M -

Maggotty, Hanover (0)
Malmsey Valley, Clarendon (0)
Mammee Bay Estate, St. Ann (0)
Mammee Gully Pen, Clarendon (0)
Manchester or Marked Cave, Trelawny (0)
Manningsfield, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
March's Vale, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
J. Maretta (1)
Maria Bueno, Trelawny (0)
Fr. Marino (8)
Marlborough Mount, St. Thomas (0)
Marley, St. Mary (0)
Masemure, Westmoreland (0)
Master's Estate, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Maverly Estate, St. Andrew (0)
Maxfield Estate, Trelawny (0)
Mears, Clarendon (0)
Menzies Bogg Plantation, St. Ann (0)
Merry Wood Estate, Trelawny (0)
Mesopotamia, Westmoreland (0)
Mexico Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Meylersfield, Westmoreland (0)
Mickleton Pen, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Middlesex Pen, Hanover (0)
Middlesex Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Middleton Estate / Mount Charles, St. Thomas (0)
Middleton, St. Thomas (0)
Midgham (1), Westmoreland (0)
Millenium Hall, St. Thomas (0)
Millennium Hall, St. James (0)
Minard, St. Ann (0)
Mint Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Molyne's Estate, St. Andrew (0)
Mona Estate, St. Andrew (0)
Money Musk (Moneymusk) Estate, Clarendon (0)
Montpelier Estate, Hanover (0)
Monymusk Distillery, Clarendon (Vere) (20)
Moor Park, St. James (0)
Moore Hall, St. Mary (0)
Moore's, Clarendon (0)
The Morant Liquor Company (2)
Morant, St. Thomas (0)
Morelands Estate, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Captain Morgan Rum Distillers (Jamaica) Ltd. (3)
Morgan's Valley, Clarendon (0)
Morris Hall, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Mosquito Cove Estate, Hanover (0)
Mount Alta, St. Thomas (0)
Mount Clermont and Derby Wharf, Trelawny (0)
Mount Eagle, Westmoreland (0)
Mount Ephraim, St. Thomas (0)
Mount Hindmost, Clarendon (0)
Mount Ida, St. Thomas (0)
Mount Lebanus Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Mount Olive, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Mount Pleasant, Hanover (0)
Mount Pleasant, Portland (0)
Mount Pleasant, St. Ann (0)
Mount Pleasant, St. Thomas (0)
Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland (0)
Mount Prosperous, St. Thomas (0)
Mount Sinai, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Mount Tirza Pen (1), Westmoreland (0)
Mountain River Estate, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Mountain River, St. Catherine (0)
Mountain Spring, Westmoreland (0)
Mountain Valley, Hanover (0)
Mowden Hall, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Muir Town or Muirton Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Mulatto River, St. Thomas (0)
Mullet Hall estate, St. Thomas (0)
Mullet Hall, Clarendon (0)
Murmuring Brook, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Fred L. Myers's & Son Ltd. (15)

- N -

National Rums of Jamaica, Ltd., Kingston (4)
Neasberry Park Pen, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Negrill Spotts, Westmoreland (0)
New Canaan Estate, St. James (0)
New Ground Estate, St. Ann (0)
New Ground, Clarendon (0)
New Hall Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
New Hope Estate, Westmoreland (0)
New Miln's Estate, Hanover (0)
New Montpelier Estate, St. James (0)
New Paradise Estate, Hanover (0)
New Retrieve, Hanover (0)
New Savannah, St. Elizabeth (0)
New Works, Hanover (0)
New Works, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
New Yarmouth Sugar Estate, Clarendon (0)
Newfound River, Hanover (0)
Newman Hall, St. James (0)
Newry Estate, St. Mary (0)
Nightingale Grove Estate, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Nightingale Grove, Trelawny (0)
Nonpareil, Westmoreland (0)
Nonsuch, Portland (0)
Nonsuch, St. Mary (0)
Norbrook, St. Andrew (0)
Norris Estate, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
North Hall (1), Clarendon (0)
Norwich, Portland (0)
Nutfield Estate, St. Mary (0)
Nutt's River, St. Thomas (0)

- O -

Oakes's, Clarendon (0)
Ocho Rios, St. Ann (0)
Old and New Pera, St. Thomas (0)
Old Montpelier Estate, St. James (0)
Old Plantation, Clarendon (0)
Olive Park, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Orange Cove Estate, Hanover (0)
Orange Grove, Trelawny (0)
Orange Hill, St. Mary (0)
Orange Hill, St. Thomas (0)
Orange River Estate, St. Mary (0)
Orange River, Clarendon (0)
Orange Vale Plantation, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Orange Valley Estate, St. Ann (0)
Orange Valley Estate, Trelawny (0)
Orange, St. James (0)
Orangefield, St. Andrew (0)
Orchard Estate, Hanover (0)
Osborne Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Oxford Estate, St. Mary (0)
Oxford, St. Elizabeth (0)
Oxford, St. Thomas (0)
Oxford, Trelawny (0)

- P -

Paisley Estate, St. James (0)
Palm Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Palmer Hutt or Palmer Hall, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Palmetto Grove, St. Mary (0)
Palmetto River, St. Thomas (0)
Palmyra Estate, St. James (0)
Panton's Hope, St. Thomas (0)
Pantrepant Estate, Trelawny (0)
Papine, St. Andrew (0)
Paradise Pen, Westmoreland (0)
Paradise Sugar Estate, Hanover (0)
Paradise, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Parnassus Estate, Clarendon (0)
Parnassus, Trelawny (0)
W.O. Patrick & Co, Kingston (1)
Paul Island, Westmoreland (0)
Paynestown, St. Elizabeth (0)
Peckham, Clarendon (0)
Pedro River, St. Ann (0)
Pell River Estate, Hanover (0)
Pemberton Valley Estate, St. Mary (0)
Pembroke Estate, Trelawny (0)
Pembroke Hall Estate, St. Mary (0)
Pembroke Hall, St. Andrew (0)
Pembroke, St. Thomas (0)
Pennant's Thomas River, Clarendon (0)
Pepper Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Perrins Estate, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Peru, Trelawny (0)
Petersfield, St. Thomas (0)
Petersfield, Westmoreland (0)
Petersville, Westmoreland (0)
Phantillands, St. Elizabeth (0)
Phoenix Estate, Hanover (0)
Phoenix Park, St. Ann (0)
Phoenix, Trelawny (0)
Pindar's River, Clarendon (0)
Pindar's Valley, Clarendon (0)
Plantain Garden River, St. Thomas (0)
Platfield Plantation, St. Mary (0)
Plumb and Reading, St. James (0)
Point Sugar Estate, Hanover (0)
Porto Bello Estate, St. James (0)
Porus, Clarendon (0)
Potosi Estate, Trelawny (0)
Potosi, St. James (0)
Potosi, St. Thomas (0)
Preston Estate, St. Mary (0)
Prospect / Long Hill, St. Elizabeth (0)
Prospect Estate, Hanover (0)
Prospect Estate, Portland (0)
Prospect Pen, St. Mary (0)
Prospect, (parish unknown) (0)
Prosper Estate, Hanover (0)
Providence Pen, Westmoreland (0)
Providence, St. James (0)
Providence, St. Thomas (0)
Provost's Rock River, Clarendon (0)
Purling Stream Estate, St. James (0)
Pusey Hall Estate, Clarendon (Vere) (0)

- Q -

Quebec Estate, St. Mary (0)
Queenhithe, St. Ann (0)

- R -

Ramble, Clarendon (0)
Raymond's, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Reach Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Red Hassell / Red Hazel, Portland (0)
Red Hill, St. Thomas (0)
Rentcomb, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Reserve, Trelawny (0)
Retirement, St. James (0)
Retreat (2), Clarendon (0)
Retreat Estate, St. James (0)
Retreat Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Retreat, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Retreat, St. Mary (0)
Retrieve Estate Old Works, Hanover (0)
Retrieve Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Retrieve Mountain, St. Andrew (0)
Retrieve, Hanover (0)
Rhine, St. Thomas (0)
Rhodes Hall Estate, Hanover (0)
Richards Pen, St. Mary (0)
Richmond Estate (Old and New Works), St. Ann (0)
Richmond Estate, Hanover (0)
Richmond Vale, Hanover (0)
Richmond, St. Mary (0)
Ridgland, Westmoreland (0)
Riley's Estate, Hanover (0)
Rio Bueno, Trelawny (0)
Risby, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
River Head Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
River Head, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Riverhead Farm or Pen, St. Ann (0)
Riverhead, St. Ann (0)
Riverhead, St. Ann (0)
Roaring River Estate, St. Ann (0)
Roaring River, Westmoreland (0)
Robins River Pen, Westmoreland (0)
Rock River Estate, Clarendon (0)
Rock Spring Estate, Hanover (0)
Rodon's Pen, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Roehampton Estate, St. James (0)
Rose Garden, St. Thomas (0)
Rose Hall Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Rose Hall Estate, St. James (0)
Rose Hill, Clarendon (0)
Rosehall, Clarendon (0)
Roselle Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Roslin Estate, St. Mary (0)
Round Hill Estate, Hanover (0)
Rum Company (Jamaica) Ltd. (38)
Running Gut, St. James (0)
Rutherglen, Hanover (0)
Rymesbury Pen, Clarendon (0)
Rymesbury, Clarendon (0)

- S -

Salt River, Westmoreland (0)
Salt Savanna, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Salt Spring, St. James (0)
Saltspring Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Saltspring, Hanover (0)
Sandy Gutt, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Dr. Ian Sangster & Co. Ltd. (7)
Savage, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Savoy, Clarendon (0)
Saxham Estate, Hanover (0)
Schawfield, Trelawny (0)
Seaman's Valley, Portland (0)
Serge Island, St. Thomas (0)
Seven Mile Walk, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Seven Plantations, Clarendon (0)
Seven Rivers Estate, St. James (0)
Seville, St. Ann (0)
Sheerness, St. Mary (0)
Shenton Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Shettlewood Pen, Hanover (0)
Shortwood, St. Andrew (0)
Shrewsbury Estate, Portland (0)
Shrewsbury, Westmoreland (0)
Silver Grove Estate, Hanover (0)
Silver Grove Pen, Trelawny (0)
Silver Mount, Portland (0)
Silver Spring, Westmoreland (0)
Skibo Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Smithfield Wharf / Pen, Westmoreland (0)
Snow Hill, St. Andrew (0)
Sod Hall Estate, Hanover (0)
Somerset Hall, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Somerset Vale, Kingston / St. Andrew (0)
Somerset, St. Andrew (0)
Somerton, St. James (0)
Southfield, Trelawny (0)
Southfields, St. Ann (0)
Sportsmans Hall, Trelawny (0)
Spot Valley, St. James (0)
Spring Estate, Hanover (0)
Spring Estate, St. James (0)
Spring Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Spring Garden Estate, Portland (0)
Spring Garden Estate, St. James (0)
Spring Garden Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Spring Garden Estate, Westmoreland (0)
Spring Garden, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Spring Garden, St. Thomas (0)
Spring Gut, St. James (0)
Spring Mount, St. James (0)
Spring Vale Pen, St. James (0)
Spring Vale, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Spring Valley Estate, Hanover (0)
Spring Valley, St. Mary (0)
Spring Valley, St. Thomas (0)
Spring, St. Andrew (0)
Springfield (1), Westmoreland (0)
Springfield, St. Elizabeth (0)
Springfield, St. James (0)
Springfield, St. Thomas (0)
St Faith's, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
St Helens Pen / Bog, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
St Jago Estate and Pen, Clarendon (0)
St Toolie's, Clarendon (0)
Habitation St. Louis (2)
Stanton, St. Thomas (0)
Steelfield, Trelawny (0)
Stewart Castle Estate, Trelawny (0)
Stinking Valley, St. Ann (0)
Stirling Castle, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Stoakes Hall, St. Thomas (0)
Stonehenge Estate, Trelawny (0)
Stoney Gut, St. Thomas (0)
Strathbogie, Westmoreland (0)
Stretton Hall, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Success, St. James (0)
Sugar Mills Limited, Kingston (7)
Sunderland Estate, St. James (0)
Sunning Hill Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Sutton's, Clarendon (0)
Suttons Pasture Estate, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Suttons-Chesterfield Estate, Clarendon (0)
Swallowfield Estate and Pen, St. Andrew (0)
Swamps, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Swansea Sugar Estate, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Swanswick Estate, Trelawny (0)
Sweet River Pen, Westmoreland (0)

- T -

Taylor's Caymanas, St. Catherine (0)
Temple Hall, St. Andrew (0)
Tennants, St. Elizabeth (0)
The Caribbean Rum Shippers Ltd, Kingston (7)
Thetford Estate, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Thomas River, Clarendon (0)
Thornton, St. Elizabeth (0)
Three Mile River, Westmoreland (0)
Tillstone (Tilstone?) Estate, Trelawny (0)
Tomshall, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Tophill Pen, St. Elizabeth (0)
Tophill Pen, Westmoreland (0)
Tophill, St. Mary (0)
Torbay, St. James (0)
Tower Hill Estate, St. Mary (0)
Townwell Plantation, Kingston (0)
Treadways, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Tremolesworth Estate, St. Mary (0)
Trinity Estate, St. Mary (0)
Tripoli, St. Ann (0)
Trout Hall Estate, Clarendon (0)
Tryall Estate, Hanover (0)
Tryall Estate, St. James (0)
Tryall Estate, St. Mary (0)
TTL Rum Bottlers Ltd, Kingston (2)
Tulloch, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Tunbridge, St. Andrew (0)
Twickenham Park, St. Catherine (0)
Two Mile Wood Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Tydixton Park Pen, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)

- U -

Union Estate, St. Mary (0)
Union, St. Elizabeth (0)
Unity Hall Estate, St. James (0)
Unity Pen, St. Ann (0)
Unity Valley Estate, Portland (0)
Unity, Hanover (0)
Unity, St. Mary (0)
Unity, St. Thomas (0)
Unity, Trelawny (0)
Unknown, Clarendon (0)
Unknown, Hanover (0)
Unknown, St. Andrew (0)
Unknown, St. Thomas (0)
Upper Lucky Valley, Kingston / St. Andrew (0)

- V -

Vale Royal, Trelawny (0)
Valley Wash, St. Elizabeth (0)
Vauxhall, St. Elizabeth (0)
Venture, Hanover (0)
Vere, Clarendon (0)
Vere, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Vermont, (parish unknown) (0)
Vineyard, St. Elizabeth (0)
Virgin Valley Estate, St. James (0)

- W -

Wagwater, St. Mary (0)
Wakefield, Clarendon (0)
Wakefield, St. Ann (0)
Wakefield, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Wakefield, Trelawny (0)
Wales and Potosi, Trelawny (0)
Wales Estate, Trelawny (0)
Wallens, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Walley Wash, St. Elizabeth (0)
Wallingford, St. Elizabeth (0)
Wantley, St. Mary (0)
Warwick Castle Estate, St. Mary (0)
Watchwell, St. Elizabeth (0)
Water Mount Estate, St. Catherine (St. John) (0)
Water Valley Estate, St. Mary (0)
Water Valley, Trelawny (0)
Waterford, St. Elizabeth (0)
Waterhouse Estate, St. Andrew (0)
Watermount, St. Mary (0)
Weir Pen or Wen Pen?, St. Ann (0)
Welcome Estate, Hanover (0)
Wentworth Estate, St. Mary (0)
West Hope, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
West Prospect Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Weston Favell, Trelawny (0)
Weybridge Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Wheelerfield, St. Thomas (0)
Whim, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
White Hall Estate, St. Mary (0)
White River Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Whitehall, Portland (0)
Whitehall, St. Ann (0)
Whitehall, St. Thomas (0)
Whitney, Clarendon (0)
Whydah, Portland (0)
Willekins, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
William's Moreland, Westmoreland (0)
Williams Pen, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Williamsfield Estate, Hanover (0)
Williamsfield Estate, St. Catherine (St. Thomas in the Vale) (0)
Williamsfield, (parish unknown) (0)
Williamsfield, Portland (0)
Williamsfield, St. James (0)
Williamsfield, St. Thomas (0)
Williamsfield, Westmoreland (0)
Wiltshire, St. James (0)
Winchester, St. Thomas (0)
Windsor Castle Estate, St. Thomas (0)
Windsor Castle Estate, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Windsor Castle, St. Mary (0)
Windsor Castle, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Windsor Forest, Kingston (0)
Windsor Forest, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Windsor Lodge, St. James (0)
Windsor, Clarendon (0)
Windsor, St. Ann (0)
Windsor, St. Elizabeth (0)
Windsor, Westmoreland (0)
Winefield, St. Ann (0)
Wood Hall, St. Catherine (St. Dorothy) (0)
Woodchurch, Hanover (0)
Woodstock Estate, St. Mary / Portland (St. George) (0)
Worcester, St. James (0)
Worthy Park, St. Catherine (St. John) (25)
J. Wray & Nephew Ltd. (84)

- Y -

Y.S. Estate, St. Elizabeth (0)
Yallahs, St. Thomas (St. David) (0)
Yarmouth Pen, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
Yarmouth, Clarendon (Vere) (0)
York, St. Thomas (0)
York, Trelawny (0)

In 1893, the total area of Jamaica under sugar cane production was 31,555 acres. About 88% of this belonged to sugar estates which operated their own mills and distilleries. In total, there were 148 distilleries throughout the island. Since then there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of estates and distilleries although the quantity of rum produced has grown.

The Jamaican Excise Duty Law, No 73 of 1941 defined rum as "spirits distilled solely from sugar cane juice, sugar cane molasses, or the refuse of the sugar cane, at a strength not exceeding 150% proof spirit".

"Think of high-ester rum as a concentrate," Main Rum Company’s Ben Cross told me. He went on to explain that it was created at the Vale Royal Distillery in the early twentieth century by Jamaica's government chemist, Dr. H. Cousins, as a way of maintaining Jamaica's rum trade with Germany. The German government had slapped an ad valorem tax on rum in order to protect its domestic spirits industry. Dr. Cousins' solution was to produce an ultraconcentrated rum which, when added in small quantities to German-made neutral spirit, resulted in a rum-flavored drink known as Rumverschnitt.

The process starts with an ultra-long ferment, which can be anything between five days and two weeks long. Stretching a ferment in this way will result in an acidic wash containing around 500 esters.

[Source: Dave Broom, Jason Lowe: Rum, 2003, p. 44]

The industry developed under British influence along with Barbados. An author, AC Barnes, writing in Sugar Cane in 1964 about 19 century distillation methods said "The whole process was in the charge of a distiller upon whose experience and skill, entirely unaided by any scientific knowledge or chemical control, the success of the distillery depended. He tolerated no interference, was highly suspicious of any attempted innovation, and jealously guarded the secrets of his mysterious procedures, only imparting any of his knowledge to an apprentice selected by him who paid a substantial fee to be allowed to learn something of the intricacies of distillery operation. When fermentation was sluggish, a dead animal, a large piece of meat or some other fancied corrective would be pitched into the offending vat."

The best Jamaica distillers had, by the end of the 19th century, taken over from the Barbadians as the top rum producers. In fact, by then, sugar making in Jamaica had become a by-product of rum production rather than the other way around, as was typical. In 1945, Seagram's of Canada founded Captain Morgan Rum Distillers. They began as blenders, but eventually bought the Long Pond sugar estate and rum distillery.

[Source: Home Distillation of Alcohol, cited 2003]

The Spirits Pool Association Ltd. was established in 1932 to promote the interests of Jamaican Rums. The association is owned by all the distilleries. These include Appleton, nestled in the Nassau valley in St. Elizabeth and New Yarmouth in the plains of Clarendon. Both these distilleries are owned and operated by Wray & Nephew.

Long Pond in Trelawny and Clarendon Distillers on the Vere Plains are owned and operated by the Government of Jamaica through National Rums. Hampden, the most traditional of all the distilleries is also located in Trelawny and can produce rums of over 2500 esters.

Jamaica has produced traditional rums in Pot Stills since the 17th century. We also use the new Light Column Stills, the most modern type of rum still.

Jamaica produces the widest varieties of rum in the world, from the very light low ester rums, to the heavy, traditional continental-flavoured rums. Jamaica has the capacity to produce up to 50 million litres of rum annually.

[Source: Spirits Pool Association Ltd., cited 2004]

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